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About St Michael's

emittagongsquare15St Michael’s Catholic Primary School, Mittagong was founded in 1891 by the Sisters of St Joseph of the Sacred Heart. The school was originally called St Joseph’s School; the name was changed in the mid-1970s to reflect the link with the local parish.

During its long history the school has catered for both primary and secondary education and, at one stage, included boarders. The Sisters of St Joseph withdrew from the school at the conclusion of the 2004 School Year.  

The staff of St Michael’s, with the Parish Priest, Father Sean Cullen and under the direction of the Catholic Education Office Wollongong, today seeks to continue to meet the educational and spiritual needs of students from the Parish of Mittagong and the surrounding villages.

The welfare of each child and their family, as well as the development of a deep sense of community, is recognised as the shared responsibility of the priest, staff, students and parents of the school.