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Compass Parent Portal Information

At St Michael’s Catholic Parish Primary School we use the Compass Parent Portal system for many of our communications including the school calendar, general class information, student attendance data, parent/teacher interviews and absence/late/early leave parent approvals.

Access Compass from our homepage or here:

Each family listed in the school administration database has a unique login for Compass.  See our Compass User Guide for Parents and Families for details on how to use Compass. A Quick Guide to Compass document is also available for parents. 

The various Compass parent features are detailed below:

  • Email address and mobile phone number – update your details through the portal. The details listed will be used to send emails and SMS alerts.
  • News Feed – the school will post news to parents to remind you about events and activities at the school. Your news feed will be customised, showing only the information relevant to you and your children.
  • Attendance – view your child’s attendance online, approve absences, and indicate future absence. Instructions on how to enter your child's absence on the Compass Parent Portal can be found here.
  • Parent/Teacher Interviews – book parent/teacher interviews.
  • Reports – download your child’s semester one and two reports.

The Home Screen will appear once you have successfully logged in to Compass. This provides you with relevant alerts that require your action or attention e.g. unexplained absences and student report availability, a News Feed and quick links to your child’s profile. Parents play an important role in this initiative.  It is essential that parents log in regularly to the Compass Parent Portal to access the calendar and the news feed.

Compass is accessible on any current web browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Safari) via your desktop computer or mobile device. iOS and Android apps are also available (search for Compass School Manager in the App Store). Some of the features of Compass are not currently available using the app. 

If you click the menubutton  when in the app, there is an option to ‘Open in Browser’. 

Student Profile & Academic Reports

Please note that a student profile exists on Compass only for the period of their enrolment at St Michael’s. When they leave, their profile will not be accessible.  As students' academic reports are provided to families via Compass, it is essential that each report be saved to an external location before the student leaves St Michael’s so that it remains accessible in the future (eg secondary school application).