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Catholic Schools

mittagongsquare44Catholic Schools have a long and proud history in the Australian educational landscape. Originally established by orders of brothers, nuns and priests in the nineteenth century they are now almost entirely staffed and led by lay people.

Catholic Systemic Schools in the Diocese of Wollongong are either Parish Primary Schools or Diocesan Secondary Schools. They are all co-educational schools.

Catholic Schools have a unique character because as well as being places where learning is highly valued, they are places where priority is given to a values-based education in the Catholic Faith. This involves all staff and students proclaiming the Good News of Jesus Christ to the world. Staff identify strongly with their school and take pride in their work and the school’s achievements.

In addition to these schools another seven Independent Congregational High Schools, some of which offer single sex education, also exist.

All members of our parish school community are actively encouraged to be part of parish and Church life. Staff in Catholic schools have their own home parish as well as their school parish.